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Scrip Ordering Schedule for January - May 2021

*Orders are going to be due Fridays by Noon for the dates listed below.

*Orders are to be dropped off and picked up at Seton, Garrigan, Rivers Edge and The Market. Please be sure your order and your envelope are marked clearly where you want to pickup.

*Orders will hopefully be able to be filled like we have in the past on Thursdays and then able to be picked up or given to students on Thursdays.

*We prefer that orders are placed online and paid for online. After you have placed your online order and paid for it online, print it out and place in your envelope and take to a drop off point by the due date.

*We will be accepting orders that are paid for by check and handwritten orders but please make an effort to use these methods sparingly.

Get your accounts setup online if you have not yet and get your checking accounts linked. If you need help please reach out to Jill Book 515-320-2111 or

Info to get your Scrip Account Set up:

Bishop Garrigan enrollment code, please contact Jill Book at 515-320-2111.

Be sure to include your phone number in the setup information so we have a way to contact you with questions.


 Order Due Dates-Order Fill Dates






SCRIP earnings table
"Bear Bucks"

Help Your School
& Pay Tuition for
Your Children

Now, with almost every purchase you make, locally and around the country, you can provide tuition assistance to students at Bishop Garrigan Schools. This will happen if you use "Bear bucks" scrip to make your purchases. Scrip is a term that means "substitute money". When you purchase scrip through the Bishop Garrigan Schools, you're purchasing gift certificates in amounts that can be spent just like cash. You can use scrip at participating businesses throughout the area for everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials--at no extra cost to you. The retailers pay a dividend, 75% of which will go toward providing tuition assistance for Bishop Garrigan students.

Patrons can either earmark their purchases for a certain student or designate the money for a general tuition assistance fund. People with children too young to attend school can "bank" the assistance money they generate for up to five years for a specific student-to-be. Shoppers don't have to have a child in the Catholic school system to be part of the Scrip program. All are welcome to take part in this program and help with tuition assistance.

The online service is now our preferred ordering method for all your scrip needs. While we will continue to accept paper order forms as always, we strongly encourage scrip customers to set up an account with

Why should you use

  • It's quicker and easier than the traditional order form--both for you and the school.

  • It reduces the chance of mix-ups and incorrectly filled orders.

  • You can reload existing gift cards immediately rather than waiting for a new card you ordered to arrive.

  • Some merchants allow you to print your own gift certificates immediately, rather than waiting for an order to be processed by the school.

How to do it:

  1. Go online to, and set up a free account.

  • Click on "Create Account" in the "Family Start-Up" box at the left.

  • Fill out the information. Registration is free, and your account is secure.

  • Please contact the scrip coordinator to receive the access code.

The Scrip program at Bishop Garrigan is one of the most successful programs of its type. Through the purchase of gift cards, which can be used for everyday purchases, families receive a credit toward their tuition in the amount of 2% – 20% of the card value. Parents, grandparents, and friends can all purchase gift cards that qualify for tuition rebates. From gas and groceries, to department stores, salons, restaurants, building supply stores, car dealers, and more…there are over 1000 available scrip vendors. Bishop Garrigan is especially fortunate to have a high rate of participation from local merchants.

Tuition rebates can average $500 annually, depending on the family’s participation. Rebates as high as $800 were distributed this year.

More information and a complete list of merchants is available at

The "Bear bucks" scrip program promises to be a simple and effective fundraising program that involves no selling and no cost to you. Thanks for your support. We'll look forward to seeing you at our meetings!

Contact Barb Stence or Jill Book with any questions at, or call the BG office at 515-295-3521.


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